VirTrial: Decentralized Clinical Trials

Get Certified as Virtual Trial Capable!

VirTrial’s training in Decentralized Clinical Trials is now available for all research site staff through BlueCloud. VirTrial’s site-facing training spans 4 brief training modules, including Telemedicine Best Practices, “good webside manners”, and shows how VirTrial’s telemedicine platform is being used by both sites and patients in clinical trials.

By completing VirTrial’s training you and your site become certified as Virtual Trial Capable, instantly differentiating yourself as a forward-thinking site and increasing your chances of selection for upcoming Decentralized Clinical Trials.

Who is VirTrial? Click Here to Dowload PDF

VirTrial is owned and led by former research sites, and our goal is for sites to engage patients in new, more meaningful ways as a complement to in-clinic visits in clinical research. We achieve this by allowing research sites and study participants to leverage our award-winning telemedicine platform as part of their participation in clinical trials.

VirTrial’s telemedicine platform can be accessed by any device, whether that be a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. The Virtual Exam Room allows research sites to see their patients in high-definition video, guide them through protocol activities using screen sharing and file sharing, and even use connected medical devices to collect e.g. vital signs. Built by sites, for sites, we have a range of productivity tools that make it simple to manage patients, reschedule visits and remain efficient in your clinical trials by aligning with common research site workflows.

Our solution is purpose-built to recreate the in-clinic experience in a virtual setting as a complement to in-clinic study visits, and is easy to use for patients of all ages. . We are here to accelerate clinical research and make sure trial visits become faster, easier, patient-friendly, and more flexible than ever before.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is technology-enabled health and care management and delivery systems that extend capacity and access (American Telemedicine Association).

What does this training cover?

Whether you're just starting to research telemedicine solutions, or you're in the process of implementing a telemedicine program, you're probably wondering - what can I do to ensure my virtual patient visits are successful? How can I prepare myself, my staff, and my patients to get the most out of an online doctor's appointment? Our team at VirTrial has put together these training videos to ensure your telemedicine visits are a positive experience for you and your patients - free of technical glitches and communication issues. Before your next virtual visit, go through these points like a checklist. Then sit back and focus on getting your subject the best treatment and evaluation possible instead of worrying about your technical prowess.





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